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Our Earth With andUandU…

We have come up with an idea where we create an organization that would bring our earth together for humanities sake. An organization where love rules, where we share our love through giving. An organization that really cares about people, the planet, including earth’s diminishing biodiversity. An organization that can unite all people(andus) together under one banner, no matter, what race, religion, sex, whether ur agnostic or a believer. An organization that is for the people, by the people. ANDUANDU… INC (andUandU) is that organization. An organization that will be turned into a Non-profit. An organization that can include U and anyone else that is guided by ur love for humanity. Even our name andUandU…  should make one believe that we can continually grow, and we can if love prevails. We hope people when they write capital U for you to mean something special. We would like it to show that U are guided by love, and U are or planning to do good for others and perhaps the environment. What is with the yo in you.

andUandU can be an organization that can inspire a movement that sweeps throughout Ourearth community. An organization that can have the potential to eventually deal with many of humanities short comings. An organization that can be known for doing things right and one that everyone trusts. An organization that people would want to be part of and possibly to be served by. An organization that is set up like Warren Buffets Berkshire Hathaway, but we not only ensure that our members are functioning appropriately we also try to ensure in many ways the best interests of humanity. The organizations that can branch off andUandU can easily be identified because they all end in andU. U can see some of our potential organizations by clicking on ACTIVE SITES on our page. Some are: CharityandU, CommunityandU, HelpandU, OrgansandU, OurenvironmentandU, TerroristandU and any other andUandU organizations that we give permission to be linked to ANDUANDU…INC. These potential organizations can be expected to be top of the line to the point where even existing organizations can amalgamate with andUandU organizations in order to exhibit higher standards. To see more go to Domains for U on our main page.

We have written scripts which U will find on our website where we attempt to appeal to ur hearts and souls trying to get U interested in andUandU. We are trying to perk ur interest so much that U are inclined to want to belong to or become part of a future andUandU movement where we can work together collectivity to improve the lives of people(andus) in numerous ways. Except for “U”, U can find these scripts in a row at the top of our page. Some of the titles of the scripts are Philosophy of U, The Glory of Love, Salvation and The Ideas.

We need an Enabler(s) and Philanthropists and existing organizations like the Junior Chamber International (J.C.I.)/ Jaycees to turn andUandU into a world- wide phenomenon. We need a Guardian to lead andUandU… Who knows perhaps in the future the United Nations can sow andUandU…seeds throughout Ourearth Community? We believe andUandU’s potential is enormous to influence our earth in positive ways. While the U.N.s sowing the seeds, people(andus) around the world can help to turn ANDUANDU Inc. into a worldwide Non-profit that is second to known in love, scope in its ability to do the most good. Through andUandU…we can change the world; we can make our earth a far better place for humankind and the other organisms we share this planet with.


Mark A. Matheson   

C.E.O. of andUandU…




There will be major changes to this website once we begin to function.

Now is the Time

Be known for sharing ur love.

For giving U will be blessed from above.

Now is the time to show that U care.

Sharing much of ur wealth is only fair.

Now it is time to step up to the plate.

Please do this before it is too late.

U can still help to change our fate.

Make sure U think of others besides ur mate.

David Attenborough explained things well.

If U do what he says, things will be swell.

U can help stop the fires that remind us of hell.

U helping the poor would be a good story to tell.

To do ur share there are assets U can sell.

I hope U realize by now, what U should do.

This website is meant for U.


U are Ourearth’s richest people.

This website is for U.

How many billions do U really need?

Please show the world that U really care

and give away much of ur money.

Set an example so others will follow.

The need is overwhelming. Share ur love

by giving. U will receive boundless love in return for doing what is right.



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